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Dora Lewis
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Shenanigans Dance Band

We are a group of musicians and teachers who have involved people in community dance for decades. We like to do so by combining humor and expertise. You are very welcome to partner with us to bring your people together in harmony and hope.


We have chosen dances from all over the world that are easy and fun to do.  We keep it simple. We like to work with non-dancers and non-musicians and are delighted if they come to understand that EVERYONE can be a musician and a dancer.

The Olympic Special collection is yet another demonstration of Shenanigans’ genius for choosing folk  music ideal  for the crafting of educational experiences. Basic musical elements are combined with just enough complexity to be interesting. A sensitive balance is maintained between authenticity and creativity so musical development need not undermine the preservation of traditional culture. Items from Greece, Australia, Hawaii, U.S.A., Russia/Ukraine, Bulgaria, China, Romania, France, Macedonia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, and Israel. CD with a dance booklet.

$27.00 AUD