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Dora Lewis


Welcome to Music


Welcome to Music was established in 1992 by award-winning composers Susie Davies-Splitter and Phil Splitter. Their vision is to help make learning and teaching music easy and fun for everyone and enrich peoples’ lives with the joy of music and the arts.

Susie and Phil have written and composed their own very successful music series for children (up to 12) entitled ‘Welcome to Music’ comprising children’s CD’s with accompanying books for caregivers and teachers, as well as an extensive choral range and musicals. These resources are used extensively in early childhood centers and schools in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, UK, Canada, and the USA. As well as a comprehensive range of educational resources Welcome to Music provides Professional learning PLAYshops, Artists in Schools programs, Music shows, and Early childhood teacher programs and are currently training people who would like to become ‘Welcome to Music’ licensed teachers.

About ‘Welcome to Music’ teacher training courses:

Looking for ideas on how to implement a music program in your school or preschool? Then look no further than these fantastic teacher training courses – each includes a range of delightful rhymes, games, songs, folk dances, creative movement, musical stories, world music, percussion instrument activities, drumming, ukuleles, (descant recorder-stage 2 only), and creative play.

Three amazing courses – Babies & Tots (0 3 years), Early Childhood (3-8 years) Stage 1, and Early Childhood (3-8 years) Stage 2.

On completion, you will have the opportunity to become a ‘Welcome to Music’ licensed teacher

To find out more about ‘Welcome to Music’ and these courses go to

To contact us for more information please contact our office direct on 1300 769 803 or email

Faye White


Fay White is a highly sought-after, acclaimed singing facilitator, singer, and song-maker, who has worked tirelessly for 30 years to bring the experience of group singing into the lives of people and communities Australia-wide. She developed the concept of Vocal Nosh, and has been delighting groups of singers and audiences alike with both her leadership and performance of original and carefully chosen songs, for decades.” – J T “ I know Fay as a songsmith of delicate and precise artistry. She has a strong high voice that ranges from subtle delicacy to uplifting strength. Fay is one of the very few people who can write ‘inward’ songs about the psyche without descending into vapid sentiment or cliché”. – John Warner, Cornstalk Gazette “Fay White is a poet of our times. For the past 30 years, she has written songs that reflect and inform contemporary living. Fay’s singing compels and inspires. She can turn a crowd into a choir in three minutes.” – Therese Virtue – The Boite “Fay White is well-known & loved for the series of recordings she has produced in recent years. She has a truly exceptional voice and her singing workshops have a reputation for being very refreshing & great fun”. – Les Langmead, Wodonga. Fay has recorded or produced a dozen albums of songs, about half of them for children. She currently performs in a wide variety of settings as a soloist and in the duo “Songs with Legs” with singer-song-writer and multi-instrumentalist Jane Thompson. Fay’s most recent CDs are “These People This Place: everyday grace”, a retrospective album, and an introductory “Songs with Legs” CD with Jane. Fay often works as song-writer in residence for community arts projects such as the project with The Grampians-Gariwerd community in Victoria following the bushfires of 2006 which resulted in 6 new songs, a community choir, and a CD. She has recently worked as a “Song Rhymer” in schools to re-establish classroom singing as a normal part of every child’s day, and to make a contribution to language, literacy, and co-operative behavior in the classroom. She has recently worked with arranger Wendy Rowlands on a songbook collection of contemporary Aussie songs for choirs titled “Alive and Singing” (Click on Alive and Singing in subject bar above for info on this new songbook).

Balloonatic Bruce

His party shows are sensational!

Balloonatic Bruce brings fun, colour, action, and excitement to any event. Whether it’s a strolling walkabout or a stage performance, he engages guests young and old with his unique style of  entertainment. Book him for

  • Children’s Parties
  • Street Festivals
  • Wine & Food Festivals
  • Store Opening/Re-launch
  • Corporate Entertainment Balloonatic Bruce can make your guests’ visit memorable.

And remember – his party shows are sensationational!

Whatever your event, if you invite Balloonatic Bruce, you can count on enjoying his professional attitude & conduct and experience a great talent!

Marimba  Music 

Intsrument Making Books


It’s amazing, if you step or jump on them, these boxes ‘ding’ musical notes. Instructions for making them can be found in ‘Make Your Own Wacky Instruments’ by Jon Madin. (The secret is: Stomp boxes have percussion instruments in them or connected to them.)

Make Your own Marimba

Make Your Own Marimbas
Believe me, it’s what it sounds like it is, a book of instructions so simple that you can make your own Marimba. ‘Make Your Own Wacky Instruments’ This is a collection of ideas for constructing a range of instruments out of cardboard tubes, plastic pipes and bits of wood etc.


Our marimbas are inspired by African xylophones but redesigned for three standing players. The simple design means that you can make them yourself.

Marimba Music sells six books. The four music books come with CDs. Within Australia we sell marimbas and sets of tone bars, beaters etc.

We publish four music books for ensembles of diatonic marimbas, xylophones and other instruments. Most pieces cater for a range of abilities. ‘Marimba Music for Little Kids’ contains mostly songs with only a few notes to play.

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