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Childrens Dances of Terra Del Zur Vol. 1 pdf


Children’s Dances of Terra Del Zur 
The Best of Shenanigans’ Dance Music 1980-1990. Vol. 1 
By Gary King and Shenanigans 
The Australian group Shenanigans is known for their playing of international instruments and enjoyable way of making folk dance accessible for all ages (preschool and up). This CD is a compilation of music from the original Dance Music cassettes. Comes with dance instructions.

Koori Dreamtime (Australia)
Highway No. One (Australia)
The Longer the Faster (Netherlands)
Simi Yadech (Israel)
Little Bird Dance (Italy)
La Raspa (Italy)
Pinon Pinon (Portugal)
Indo Eu (Portugal)
Shoemaker’s Dance (Poland)
Cross Dance (Poland)
7 Jumps (Denmark)
Minoesjka (Russia)
Rada Pere (Macedonia)
Boanopstekker (Netherlands)
The King’s March (Netherlands)
Lou Pripet (France)
Bear Dance (France)
The Chimes of Dunkirk (France)
Syncopated Cyril (Australia)
I Want to Be Near You (England)
Hokey Pokey (America)


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