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In the Morning (Nkeera) By Fredie Mbaalu (CD / pdf ofBooklet)



Early in the morning I leave the house

Like an early bird looking for opportunity.

When I make my living,for the many who are in need,

I plan to build rooms for them,ee-ee, and life will go on

I did not explain it well to them

They need us and I’d like my share, too

I even have a blueprint

For this better life, that everyone will love


Brothers and sister, clap your hands

Eno Uganda laughs alina, Enougandabagalaalina

The industry laughs alina,Those who fear it have it

Jezabel, the woman they are afraid of

Those who love, the honor is given to them

They are welcome, Good women love it

Those who laugh have it


Verse 3

Brothers and sisters, yes, the children can read

Fenatukolee, famirezeyagaleko

I urge you to stay away from women

Let’s do it, Abram

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go

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